Why Do We Love MCM?

Why Do We Love MCM?

MCM: Filmmakers United is a student-run film organization at Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIUC) that was created as a way for students to gain hands-on film production experience before pursuing a career in the film and media industries. Many of our MCM alumni have moved on to exciting career and bigger projects in cities like Los Angeles, New York City or Nashville among others.

We pride ourselves for being a tight-knit group of current and past Militia members and we will always hope for and support successes that come in the future. This upcoming 2014-2015 year at SIUC is going to be a big year for MCM. Our organization had a lot of good friends and mentors graduate this year in order to pursue their own careers out in the real world. (Good Luck Everyone!)

Next year’s Officers and Boardmembers were selected at the end of the Spring 2014 semester. Here is the official selection for new officers and board members:

President: Braden Barton

Vice President: Bianca Durbin

Secretary: Emma Paterakis

Treasurer: Patricia Pircon

Boardmembers: Naomi Nielsen, Sam Thompson, Evan Swiech, Tom Kendall, Danny Cox

MCM is excited about the upcoming year, and we wish the newly selected Officers and Boardmembers the best of luck for next year!