The Red Carpet Premiere is an annual event in April that showcases the films that our organization has created throughout the year. It is a time to get together and celebrate the hard work and dedication of our members.

The films are submitted to members of Southern Illinois University’s faculty at the College of Mass Communication, where they are judged. At the event itself, all of the films are screened and awards like Best Director, Best Picture, Best Actor, Actress, etc. are given out to our members.

As the Red Carpet Premiere is open to the public, we invite the community to be a part of our celebration and take an active part in the artwork created within Southern Illinois University. Be sure to contact us below for questions or concerns about the event!

Below are the awards given out at the premiere to the students with the highest achievement this past year in the following categories:

Sound Design – Tyler Eversmann for “Grounded”

Production Design – Anna Petrelli for “Grounded”

Supporting Actor – Kim Curlee for “Right on Time”

Supporting Actress – Taylor Jelley for “Reverence”

Editing – Tyler Eversmann for “Grounded”

Cinematography – Emerson Spencer Moye for “Grounded”

Lead Actor – John Lipe for “Saints Avenue”

Lead Actress – Darcy Kriegsman for “Right on Time”

Screenplay – Michael Page & Sean Freeman for “Saints Avenue”

Best Director – Ellen Esling for “Grounded”

Best Picture – “Grounded” Davide Tomei & Ellen Esling, producers

Audience Choice Award – “Saints Avenue”