Michael Page

Michael Page


Michael Page studies cinema, photography, and art at SIU. His passion for filmmaking stems from his love of storytelling. His primary interest in film is narrative screenwriting, however, he also enjoys directing and producing. Page’s favorite aspect of movies is their powerful ability to share ideas and perspectives.

Page once described Movie Camera Movement as a “filmmaker’s sandbox”: The RSO provides a setting and means where he and his peers have been able to apply what they have learned in the classroom and produce tangible work without grades, or pressure. Like a sandbox, on an MCM set there is room to fail, learn, move forward, and enjoy yourself all the while.

His primary goal as President is to create a friendly, creative environment where students are able to learn, experiment, and express themselves, while simultaneously producing films of quality aesthetics and substance.

Page’s artistic process has been inspired and motivated by the likes of Casey Neistat, Joe Rogan, Jack White, and Nick Bifano.  Outside of filmmaking, Page is interested in and passionately explores: Christianity, mixed martial arts, and spaghetti.

Davide Tomei

Davide Tomei

Vice President

Davide Tomei is a Cinema & Photography major with a double-minor in Communication Studies and Political Science. As a senior at SIU, Davide is thrilled to end his MCM tenure as its Vice President. His vision of MCM as a supplement to classroom education and a safe, encouraging, positive environment for all who partake in it is of utmost importance for Davide to ensure. He hopes to continue innovating new strategies into the organization’s operations, and is very much looking forward to a promising season of filmmaking.

Heavy influences for Davide include Steve Jobs, David Fincher, and Stephen Colbert. Visually, Davide greatly enjoys the cinematography and visual style of Jeff Cronenweth and Wally Pfister, along with anything penned by Aaron Sorkin. His proudest moments in MCM include writing and directing his own script and collaborating with some wonderful young filmmakers in the organization.

This summer and the last, Davide interned at Mob Scene, a production company in Los Angeles. In his spare time, Davide enjoys listening to Bruce Springsteen and – religiously – following The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and the Philadelphia Eagles.

Aaron Banez

Aaron Banez


Aaron Banez studies cinema, theater, and dance at SIU. He has a passion for the arts and devotes much of his time towards producing, appreciating, and inspiring creativity. As a junior, he wishes to improve on his abilities and refine his skills.

Since joining MCM freshman year, his love for filmmaking has increased immensely, ultimately shaping his overall experience at SIU. He believes MCM is a great opportunity for both educational and enjoyable experiences.

As secretary, Aaron strives to give others the same experience he had when joining MCM. He’s excited to help members enjoy their time here while broadening their horizons and honing in on their specialties. Aaron wants to ensure everyone involved has the best experience they can get both on and off set.

Outside of filmmaking, Aaron is dedicating his time towards his other passions in theatre and dance. Be sure to say “hi” and catch him at any of his performances!

Ryan Kowalkowski

Ryan Kowalkowski


Ryan Kowalkowski is a junior focusing on narrative and documentary film at SIU. He has been involved in every round of production with MCM since Fall 2015. He’s thrilled to have the opportunity to be a leader, to watch MCM grow, and to help shape the future of the group. Ryan wants to focus on helping MCM run as efficiently as possible to provide a smooth and fun learning experience for everyone involved.

Ryan’s goal as treasurer is to maintain the integrity of what makes MCM special to him. He is very passionate about MCM’s legacy and what it means to the students, and will do everything in his power to ensure that the valuable resource that is the MCM family will continue to thrive in the future. Ryan finds motivation in new and unique ideas and he strives to make each of his projects better than the last, making an effort to learn from each experience. His favorite part of filmmaking is problem solving, and he has a passion for cinematography.

Outside of filmmaking, you can find Ryan running, building computers, or listening to punk music way too loud.